R&J Capsule collection

This Capsule collection is dedicated to the one of the best known and well-loved tragic love stories of all time: Romeo and Juliet. The British play written by Shakespeare was inspired by the originally tale written by Luigi Dapporto from Vicenza. He created the play about the doomed romance between to teenagers from feuding families. The story has become one of the most well-known love stories ever written. Verona is now ” the city of love” and one of the main tourist attractions for romantic travellers in Veneto. Juliet’s house in Via Cappello, 23 is where you can find the famous balcony, where Romeo had declared his love to Juliet. Hundreds of people every day come here to take pictures, to swear fidelity or simply to admire the location. The capsule includes a series of elements designed to represent and celebrate the two legendary lovers.

The heart with the sword symbolizing the tragic love Romeo has for Juliet; the balcony from where they declared themselves lovers and the Crown symbolizing their nobility. Each model is named after the main characters from the different interpretations of the original tale to Leonard Bernstein’s West side story. Materials and models are all made and designed in Italy.


wo-man crossing over

Yasmin Naqvi has created a contemporary Autumn Winter Capsule Collection to celebrate 25 years in the business. The term well-dressed has a multi layered connotations especially in today’s diverse world where the concept of fashion is constantly changing; there are no fixed standard or norms. The message I want to convey through my crossing over collection and my dress style is that people from different cultures can cross over and co-exist. The collection is a balanced, refined series of looks that are simple stylish and wearable. Luxury materials are all Italian and well-designed, made by some of the best artisans around. Bringing together design, dance and fashion, expressing comfort, movement and class. Stay tuned and check us out!


Step into a knit tale

The designer Yasmin Naqvi is known for her cool lux knits and products with a twist.

Yasmin sees the need for simple and wearable looks for people who face the movement every day, designing unique items that accentuate details and functionality through prestigious yarns and the best Merino Extrafine wools. An extraordinary quality is at the base of craftsmanship for garments made by hand, recognizable to the touch by the unmistakable softness. The garments are made with rigor, discipline and precision to obtain a result of lightness and softness.

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